Stan&Joe is the alliance of two passions: one for our most faithful friends and the other for decoration.

At the present, one family in two owns a pet. The philosophy of Stan&Joe is therefore to propose pretty pillows fully customizable, to the image of your interior.
What’s more, Stan&Joe is 100% Made in Belgium!

When you purchase a Stan&Joe pillow, a part of the profits goes to the association Veeweyde or Dogs&Company Rescue, to help our less fortunate friends.


100% Made in belgium
100% Customizable
100% Uptown dog

Our Friends

Stan&Joe finds its origin primarily in the love and passion for our hairy friends.
It is therefore essential for us to share our profits with associations that devote their daily lives to changing the destiny of the less fortunate.

When you order a Stan&Joe pillow, you will automatically be offered the choice to help the association Dogs & Company Rescue or the shelter Veeweyde. There is obviously no supplement since we take these expenses at our charge!

In addition, when you receive your pillow at home, a small accessory will be offered. There’s a serial number on it which will allow you to find on the photo and the description of the dog you helped.

Dogs & Company Rescue, established as an ASBL, aims to recover dogs suffering severe harm through existing associations or the police. To receive them first at Dogs & Company where all necessary care will be provided: medical care certainly but also behavioural care to offer them the possibility of reintegration into a normal life. The goal is to keep them as long as is needed to restore confidence so that they can be re-adopted in good conditions. Then, thanks to a large network of contacts and active supporters, to find them adoptive families to offer them a better life.


Veeweyde is the largest and oldest animal protection society in Belgium, founded in 1908 by Jules Ruhl.

Veeweyde subsists solely through membership fees and permanent donations, bequests and donations, enabling them to establish a budget to intervene where animal welfare is at risk.

Their refuge in Brussels collects on average 600 dogs per year, 70% of which are returned to their owners, and 30% adopted by a new family.

As for cats, there are 2,500 to be abandoned each year, just for their refuge in Brussels. The shelter can accommodate up to 300 cats and dogs permanently.

Their philosophy comes down to the protection of animals in all its forms.

The main purpose of this protection is to remove animals from the abuses they are often subjected to by men: abuse of power, abuse of authority, ill-treatment, cruelty, abandonment or exploitation for commercial purposes.

Surprising as it may seem, Veeweyde does not receive any subsidies from the public authorities. All the more reason to help them!


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